Individual Scout Accounts

Cub Scout Pack 592, Orchard Park, NY Individual Scout Accounts
Individual Scout Accounts are setup for each scout. These Scout Accounts are maintained by the Pack, consist of Pack funds and still belong to the Pack. These funds are reserved exclusively for the scout to use for any individual scout related activity (Summer Camp, uniforms, dues, etc.). Generally, the reserved funds for Scout Accounts is derived from the scout's efforts in Pack fundraising opportunities.

Balances from Individual Scout Accounts do roll-over from year to year and we do allow any Scout Account balances to be transferred to other units (Cub Scout Packs or Boy Scout Troops). The balance of any Scout Account will revert to the Pack if the scout leaves scouting permanently.

For example, if your family moves and joins another Cub Scout Pack, we will transfer the balance of your Individual Scout Account directly to the new Cub Pack for your Individual Scout Account at your new Pack. Outgoing Webelos Scouts also take the balance of their Individual Scout Accounts to their new Boy Scout Troop to be placed in their new Scout Account at Troop. We will only transfer Scout Account balances directly to the new unit and will not issue balances to any individual. You are not entitled to the funds if you leave scouting permanently.