Fundraising Basics

Candy bar sale as a fundraiser for Cub Scout Pack 592, Orchard Park, NY
To help defray the costs of activities and supplies we continue to try to find creative ways to raise money for Pack 592. One of our most popular fundraisers is our candy bar sales. We also participate in Camp Card sales as well as other fundraisers throughout the year. The Pack will also help by setting up Show and Sells at local stores and shops to sell as a group in a safe and supervised manner.

Cub Scout Pack 592, Orchard Park NY Camp Cards
These fundraisers help supplement the dues paid to help with the cost of supplies, speakers, activities, and other funds that the Pack needs to use to operate. Unless otherwise stated, all of the profits from our fundraisers are split 60% to the scout's Scout Account and 40% to the Pack. 

For example, a $1.00 candy bar has a $0.50 profit. Of that $0.50, the individual scout would have $0.30 cerdited to their Scout Account and $0.20 would be credited to the Pack. For a case of 48 candy bars, a scout would earn $14.40 toward their Scout Account and the Pack would earn $9.60.

Please visit our Individual Scout Account Information Page for more information about Individual Scout Accounts.